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By employing the knowledge about the difference both in terms of the structure and the chemical composition of glass – having a decisive impact on the strength of the glass – GLASPO has created the n’glass technology reducing that difference, while increasing the properties and the strength of the glass.
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By selecting appropriate parametres of carrying out the enrichment process, the glass surface modification by means of n’glass particles was achieved.
By pulverising nanoparticles on the n’glass surface and processing within the range of transformation temperatures, the glass surface structure modification was accomplished by means of aluminium ions.

The tests carried out on the n’glass showed that a very fine layer of aluminium compounds is formed on the surface, which layer provides advantageous performance properties of the glass, such as:
  • increased bend strength,
  • resistance to scratching,
  • increased microhardness,
  • chemical and thermal resistance of the glass without worsening the optical properties.